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My Approach

If you’re looking around at wedding photographers, you’re going to hear a lot of buzzwords like ‘documentary’, ‘photojournalistic’, ‘candid’ etc. And while they hold meaning, they’re all overused and have become one big confusing pile. So I want to take a minute and describe my style in more depth.  

As I said the homepage, in the simplest form, my approach is to tell the story in the most natural and honest way possible. I’m there to create something for you that allows you to live the day again and again. I think there’s a massive part of you in your wedding; the venue you choose, the style you go for, the atmosphere you create, the people you have around you; so telling that story is kind of like telling the story of who you guys are and I, of course, want to represent that as well as possible. For me, that’s achieved by finding the moments to hang back and let things unfold, and also knowing the right time to be more involved, though I’ll always want to let thing unfold naturally and effortlessly. When I say effortless, I mean that things shouldn’t be contrived or staged - it shouldn’t be something you have to overthink; if I can throw in another buzzword, it should all be organic.

I think documenting a scene is more than pointing a camera at something that is happening. It is about searching through that scene and finding the details or the little moments that make it important. Or finding the exchanges that you might have missed that make the day what it is. It definitely isn’t making you guys stage weird things that would never have happened. For me, there’s no story in that, and those images won’t hold any value for you in years to come.

When it comes to the ceremony, I hugely value your guests experience. They’ve come, often from a damn long way away, to see you get married and they want to see what’s going on. I’ll cover everything extensively, but the amount of time I’m really visible is minimal; just for the important stuff.

The location/portrait (whatever you’d like to call it) is something that I think a lot of couples fear and I get it. The idea of someone holding a camera in your face can be daunting, but trust me, it shouldn’t be. My ethos is that if you aren’t comfortable and enjoying yourself (did you know you can bring wine on your shoot?), that will reflect in the photos. I don’t do posing. It’s strange and unnatural. I know you’ve been conditioned that when a camera is around, you’re supposed to stare at it and pretend to smile, but we don’t need any of that. Instead, I’ll find some pretty light (oh so important!), and direct you guys just enough to have you look amazing. I also love movement, so don’t expect it to just be static and awkward at all.

From there on, it’s party time and I’ll be darting about doing what I can to make sure I have at least one photo of every guest. If possible, I’d love to steal you again for 10 minutes at sunset for that golden light, but otherwise it’s speeches and dancefloor time!