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Hi, I’m Spencer Guy

There’s something that I think some couples overlook when it comes to choosing their photographer (and some other vendors); we’re probably going to spend a lot of time together - I’ll be around for a lot of your wedding day. That’s why, to me, it’s super important that we’re stoked on each other. So here’s a a few words about who I am and why I do what I do.

Firstly, I want to be more than just ‘the wedding photographer’, because to me, you guys are more than just an invoice. You can always feel free to hit me up for any ideas on anything to do with your wedding whether it’s timing (I’m definitely going to be biased towards timing for good light!), what are the must dos (not many at all - as long as you say the good words then do it however you want), or how you want the day to feel. I’ve been around a lot of weddings and have seen what works and what doesn’t.

I’m based in Thirroul at the foot of the Southern Highlands, but I shoot everywhere around Australia + NZ. However, I grew up in the southern part of rural South Aus and have since lived in WA, QLD, Sydney and now in our little spot down here. I reckon where we live is probably one of the best parts of Australia (except for Tassy if it weren’t so cold) with pretty incredible beaches and national parks all around. If you like getting outside, it’s a pretty hard place to beat.

Now I think it’s shit that I even need to say this, but I’m obviously super down with same-sex couples; as long as you’re two consenting adults are you’re into each other, you’ve got my full support. 

I’m genuinely an emotional open book and I really dig that in other people. I love couples that love and that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re always all over each other; people love in different ways and while a couple that’s super intimate and comfortable makes for epic photographs, I think exploring the way that you guys connect is a really humbling thing to do. Don’t worry - I’m not about to throw tears all over your dress, but I’ll be all about sincere and epic moments.

I love people doing it their way - if tradition is your thing, then cool, roll with it. But if you want to get married on a cliff top or by a waterfall with only 10 people, DO IT (you better believe I’d love to be involved). Your day should be indicative of you. You aren’t getting married for anyone else but each other so do it in a way that expresses who the hell you are.