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So how much?

When you’re thinking about your wedding, it’s super important to ask yourself a few questions. How much does wedding photography mean to you? Is it an important part of your day or do you just want something more simple of the ceremony and some family photos after? All of the above are absolutely fine - but it’s good to know what you want when you’re looking.

Each of my packages includes a pre-wedding/engagement shoot as long as you’re within about an hour of Thirroul. I do this for a few reasons; you guys get some pretty pictures, we get to hang out and get to know each other more, and it also means you’re more comfortable in front of a camera on your wedding day.

I also build a highlight gallery for each wedding that is basically the story of how the day went. Think of it like a digital album with a few more images. There’ll also be a 5 image sneak peek from the day delivered as soon as I possibly can after the wedding; usually 1-2 days.

Prices start at $2,100 for 5 hours, or $1,500 (+ travel) for elopements (3 hours).

For more information about my packages and what’s included, hit me up here.