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Hi there - I’m Spencer Guy

I’m an Australian wedding photographer based out of NSW’s Southern Highlands, also shooting the South Coast, Sydney, Blue Mountains and beyond.

My approach to photography is simple; tell the story in the most natural and honest way possible. I see value in unposed and emotional moments above all else and I seek to create images that are effortless, authentic and that evoke all the good feels. Get more of a feel for it here.

When I’m not behind the camera, I’m usually pretty busy being a dad and a husband as well as enjoying the outdoors either in one of the epic national parks that surround us or at by the beach. I’m a big fan of good coffee, road trips, exploring and creating.


Things that inspire me

I draw inspiration from a lot of different places which are almost always outside of wedding photography. My aim is to bring what is beautiful and inspiring outside of weddings into my work to create something different.

I love cinema. So much of what allows filmmakers to be so affective can be transferred into photography; they show that storytelling is more than pointing a camera at what is happening.

I love intentional music. People that create music with a purpose outside of making money. Like they had something they wanted to express and used not just lyrics, but music as a whole, to do it. I love good books and storytellers.

Essentially, I love the idea of people creating things that offer insight into who they are and what the world was when they created it. We have a unique ability to pass things on from generation to generation and I think the most effective way to do so is by honest and revealing storytelling.